Teacher Peach Seeds Fund

Teacher Peach supports teachers, creating products that acknowledge them for their hard work and commitment to students everywhere. Teacher Peach products are designed to inspire student confidence, reward and recognize, and enhance a positive school climate. By providing effective, creative, and economical classroom products and thoughtful teacher gifts, Teacher Peach is the number one resource for teachers every day of the year. 

To help students and teachers even more, Teacher Peach donates 10% of the profits from EVERY single sale to its not-for-profit fund, Teacher Peach Seeds!

Teacher Peach created the Teacher Peach Seeds Fund with one vision in mind—to fund teacher-designed projects that build student confidence. This fund’s “peach seed money” comes from multiple charitable sources including Teacher Peach’s own donation of 10% of the profits from every product it sells. 

Grant applications begin in early 2017 with well-credentialed judges determining winners based on clearly articulated criteria. The focus of our “peach seed” grants is singular and simple: We grant “peach seed money” to teachers with viable initiatives designed to GROW STUDENT CONFIDENCE. Winners receive both seed money and Teacher Peach products to realize their confidence-building visions for their students. 

Why does Teacher Peach Seeds focus only on grants that build student confidence? 

To best achieve academic and life goals, students of all ages benefit from GROWing confidence! The teachers who know their students best are well poised to create targeted, meaningful projects that will resonate and inspire greater confidence. When selected to receive a Teacher Peach Seeds grant, teachers get the “peach seed money” along with Teacher Peach products to help jumpstart these special and powerful opportunities to make a difference in the lives of their students.

It takes one key ingredient to grow one’s confidence—the confidence to do so! Just as a lack of confidence can be the start of a negative spiral, so can an infusion of confidence lead a student to GROW even more confidence.

Kids who possess the confidence to believe they can achieve something, stand a far better chance of doing so than those who lack confidence. This is why our teacher grants focus solely on providing peach "seed" money for projects that are designed to help GROW student confidence.

Research supports that student who possess authentic confidence are likely to— 

    • Take greater risks when trying new things.

    • Stand up against bullying.

    • Become stronger self-advocates and advocates for others.

    • Are likely to grow into engaged, more self-reliant citizens.

Peaches grow from seeds and so do ideas, when “seeded” well. Apply in January 2017 with your class initiatives designed to help your students’ confidence “blossom.”  

Teacher Peach Seedsfunding teacher-driven projects to GROW student confidence!       


I’m Randi Brill and I love to make things—and make things happen with others. In my dual roles as Chief Peach of Teacher Peach and founder of the Teacher Peach Seeds Fund, I’m fortunate enough to do both, using my creative and business skills to help teachers, students, and their families. 

I’m lucky enough to spend my energy focused first and foremost on teachers, the great connectors between students and success. In my role as Teacher Peach’s Chief Peach, I create products that help teachers feel great about teaching and kids feel great about learning—building student confidence with each Classroom Product we produce. In my role as founder of the Teacher Peach Seeds Fund, I have the privilege of facilitating the award of “peach seed money” grants to teachers. These grants help teachers realize all sorts of projects—designed to do one thing—build that student confidence even more!

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, I have a BFA in Graphic Design from Pittsburgh's Carnegie-Mellon University. When I was nine, my parents bought a house four blocks from the campus so I could walk to college. I actually did just that, but otherwise, I very rarely color inside the lines. I’ve been creating companies since I was 25, and according to my mom, announced I’d be in charge of something when I was just 14. 

It’s been a wonderful and vibrant path to “reach the peach!” I founded my first company, Quarasan, with $57 and a $200 credit card limit. That company grew to become one of the nation’s top educational product development and packaging firms, entrusted with over 40 of the nation’s leading educational programs used in classrooms today. While it was wonderful to have great clients at Quarasan, Teacher Peach and the Teacher Peach Seeds Fund are my most cherished undertakings to date. 

Through Teacher Peach and Teacher Peach Seeds, I honor incredible people who’ve helped me reach for my own best self—teachers from whom I’ve had the privilege of learning. Teachers matter—to me, and to all of us, if our ability to recall our favorite teachers is any indication. (I'm betting you know exactly which teachers you’d name!) Our favorite teachers are dedicated individuals who still spark us, impact our life decisions, and just plain believed in us enough then to help us believe in ourselves—then and now. These teachers changed us—or as they’d put it—helped us learn to continue to change ourselves. 

I founded Teacher Peach in 2012 in appreciation of the millions of amazing and devoted student champions teaching today. Our incredible team dreams up and develops well-designed, thoughtful, and effective products and accessories for these teachers, their students, and their classrooms. Tote bags with powerful teaching messages, subscription boxes that delight teachers each month, and stickers, certificates, and notecards that boost even a struggling student’s confidence all benefit from our team’s deep educational expertise. 

We’re so proud to donate 10% of the profits from every Teacher Peach sale to the Teacher Peach Seeds Fund. This fund helps us help—and thank—teachers even more. Teachers have many creative visions to GROW their students’ confidence. This fund provides the chance for a jumpstart with “peach seed money” and Teacher Peach products. Teacher Peach Seeds is designed to makes a difference to teachers and kids—and that makes a difference to me. 

“Who is your favorite teacher?” Through my work at Teacher Peach and Teacher Peach Seeds Fund, I can thank my favorite teachers—Mrs. Massaro, Madame Gaal, Mr. Joyce, Mr. Wells, and Mr. Felver, to name just a few.

“You’re each still teaching me to reach for my best every single day—and I know you wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you."