Teacher Peach Seeds funds teacher-driven initiatives designed to GROW student confidence!


Teacher Peach supports teachers, creating products that acknowledge them for their hard work and commitment to students everywhere. Teacher Peach products are designed to inspire student confidence, reward and recognize, and enhance a positive school climate.

Welcome to Teacher Peach Seeds, Teacher Peach’s not-for-profit fund, for teacher driven initiatives designed to GROW student confidence!


Grant applications begin in early 2017.

Teacher Peach created the Teacher Peach Seeds Fund with one vision in mind—to fund teacher-designed projects that build student confidence. This fund’s “peach seed money” comes from multiple charitable sources including Teacher Peach’s own donation of 10% of the profits from every product it sells. 

Teacher Peach Seeds Fund will send you the next GRANT APPLICATION and criteria two weeks before it releases to the public! 

Want to donate? 

Contact us at Teacher Peach Seeds!

Teacher Seeds Fund is in the process of developing our online donation system. In the meantime, your donation could help fund teacher grants so please contact us via email through this form. We will respond promptly.  

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